Designed for the small to medium mushroom grower this modular tunnel system provides a simple route to bulk Phase 2 and Phase 3 composting.  Its modular design allows it to be easily expanded with the addition of more tunnels.

Each Tunnel has an approximate capacity of 28 tonnes of Phase I at fill, which after the Phase 2 process can be spawned into further tunnels to produce a bulk Phase 3 compost.

This system can be delivered including equipment specifically designed for its operation, all you need is concrete, power, water and Phase 1, this avoids the necessity of planning, project management and construction of the traditional tunnel systems.


Tunnels with lift off doors.

Air Handling System

Compact air handling duct work to maintain the process temperatures

Tunnel Empty Winch

Empty Winch specifically designed for spawning and emptying the tunnels.

Phase III Emptying

Phase III Lorry Loading