A British company with a worldwide reputation and 40 years experience.

We can offer our extensive technical and practical knowledge which has been gained from designing, building, implementing, testing and commissioning our own products.

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  1. Sales, project, quality and operations management
  2. Technical design and support team
  3. Design and drafting with the latest 3D computer aided design system
  4. Workshop area 2,160 mē
  5. Outer assembly area 1,000 mē
  6. Overhead 5 tonnes cranes and a 25 tonnes mobile crane
  7. Equipment to prepare, fabricate and assemble small or large structures (mild steel or stainless steel)
  8. Complete or partial machine, fabrication, assembly, testing and commissioning
  9. Clean area for electrical and hydraulic assembly
  10. Paint shop 60 mē


(Alan Bradley, Moeller, Siemens, Telemecanique)

  1. Specification and circuit design
  2. Control panel building and testing
  3. PLC, frequency drive, motor control and HMI technology
  4. Equipment wiring and installation
  5. Application software
  6. Diesel electric generator sets


(Denison, Eaton, Integrated, Norgren, SMC, Sun, Vickers)

  1. Specification and circuit design
  2. Hydraulic power pack construction and testing
  3. Pneumatic system build and testing
  4. Assembly, installation and commissioning